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About SnapTwice

SnapTwice is the place to find and share awesome before & after pairs. We created SnapTwice to enable anyone to have that "wow" moment when you can see results side by side. This is the place for photo-centric short stories about home, food, restoration, health, hobbies, that time you and your friends ate a giant plate of nachos – anything! Just share two photos and a short description to let the world know about the room you painted, the marathon you ran, the 10 lbs you lost or how you make the best latte. Everyone is welcome – bloggers, businesses, friends and family.


SnapTwice app for iPhoneOur brand-new app for iPhone is live. Our website is mobile-optimized, and we are  working on an app for Android as well.




 About Our Team

We enjoy stories about transformation big and small. We delight in watching home remodels on HGTV, seeing a chef transform raw ingredients into a finished dish, gawking at car restorations, applauding healthy weight loss and health turnarounds, and celebrating "little wins" like making your bed, organizing a shelf or getting a new haircut. We are a team of people who love great pictures and fun stories, and we want to help you share yours with our community and the world. SnapTwice has offices in Silicon Valley, Austin, and Shenzhen, China.

We have deep experience with exceptional mobile and Internet companies, including TripAdvisor, Dwellable, and UrbanSpoon. We are excited about working on the next great mobile and web experience, and we think that helping individuals and businesses share their big accomplishments and little wins with two pictures is the logical evoluion to digital storytelling.



  Katherine Rudolph Bose, founder & CEO

  Meg Solley, head of web development


More team profiles coming soon.