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Whole30 Body Makeover by Freckled Foodie (1)

We thought Rachael (aka "the Freckled Foodie") made such positive changes to her habits and lifestyle that we created two before & after pairs for her story.

In the before photo, she had recentlly graduated from college, where by her own admission she was a beer-loving, non-exercising student. She had started to work out in 2011, but wasn't seeig a lot of progress in her body. Then, in 2012, she tried Whole30 and never looked back. In the after photo, (4 years after first trying the new eating plan), she says she still adheres to a 80% Whole30-based regimen but also focuses on "building strength and improving my athleticism so how much I weigh and what size clothes I wear are of little importance to me." 

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