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215 lbs
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160 lbs
Frank Sabia Jr Goes Primal & Gets Fit

Can you believe that is the same man? He looks so much younger as a fit person, doesn't he?

Pennsylvania-based fitness coach, Frank Sabia Jr, transformed his diet and workout plan and scultped a new body and life for himself. He now runs a program called "The Art of Fit" (see first link below) and shares his story on Twitter, Pinterest and elsewhere. His path to health and fitness is very relatable, as his diet was the typical "SAD" (Standard American Diet) - too heavy on processsed & fast foods, carbs and sugar and too light on lean protein, fresh fruits and vegetables. At his worst, Frank weighed 255 lbs with more than 40% body fat & a waist of 44 inches. He laments that, even at this heavy, unhealthy weight, he was still working out 3 times per week. Clearly he needed to take a different approach.

Knowing that much of a healthy body is "made in the kitchen," Frank traded his "SAD" for a "primal" or "paleo" or "cave man" diet and started working out following P90X tapes. He shares a wonderful, honest, 6-min home video montage of his own transformation on the home page of The Art of Fit. The results are striking. According to Frank, here are some highlights:

  • 48lbs of fat lost
  • 4lbs of muscle gained
  • 30% bodyfat to 8%
  • 42in waist to 29in

Learn more about Frank via the links below.

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