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Stenciling an Upholstered Chair by Royal Design Studio

Royal Design Studio makes gorgeous stencils, which have become a very popular way of breathing new life into new furniture, floors, walls and more. We love some of the "tile" stencils for floors and cabinets. In this blog post, the company shares a way to stencil fabric to freshen up a vintage chair. Supplies listed here, but see the first link below for the how-to and more photos on their blog. (Second link is to the Royal Design Studio website, and the third link is to their Instagram feed.)


  • Adisa Tribal Furniture Stencil by Royal Design Studio
  • Pure White Annie Sloan Chalk Paint®
  • Annie Sloan Soft Wax in White and Clear
  • Royal Stencil Brush
  • Medium grit sanding paper
  • Denim or your choice of fabric
  • TSP substitute
  • Cheesecloth, painter’s tape, staple gun, screwdriver, scissors, chalk or pencil
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