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Besta Burs desk
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Console table
DIY Gold Leaf IKEA Hack by Jana Bek

Interior designer Jana Bek shared this DIY project to turn a $199 IKEA Besta Burs desk into a gold-leaved console table on The Every Girl blog. Jana shares the materials you need (below), which includes a simple and affordable $11 gold leaf kit.


  • IKEA Besta Burs Desk
  • Rustoleum Gold Spray Paint (optional)
  • Mona Lisa Gold Leaf Kit (includes adhesive, gold leaf sheets, & sealer)

See the full how-to via the first link below. The second link is to the product page for the desk on the IKEA website, and the third link is to The Every Girl Instagram account. The last link is to Jana Bek's website.

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