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DIY Balloon Arch by A Beautiful Mess

Elsie and Emma run "A Beautiful Mess," a very cool and colorful blog full of "homemade recipes, crafts and inspiration from (their) readers around the world." In this post they share how to make one of those really fancy balloon arches you see at professionally-styled parties, weddings and events. We like how they chose gradient colors and contrasted the pinks with some clear balloons and greenery. The donuts and champagne on the table aren't too shabby either.

Supplies listed here, but see the first link for the full how-to and more awesome photos. They mention using a helium tank from Balloon Time, and we found one online available at Target for $21. It looks like they are also sold through Walmart, Michael's, Diddam's and other similar big box, craft or party stores.

The second link is to the "A Beautiful Mess" Instagram account.


–Balloon Time Helium Tank

-balloon decorating strip

–mini balloons (they used one pack of 30)

–various pink balloons (40-45 regular sized ones)


-glue dots or tape

-balloon string

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