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Mermaid Mask by Leahlani Skincare

Hawaii-based Leahlani Skincare was founded by Leah Klasovsky. Leah had been the Spa Director at the Hilton on Kauai and then studied to become an esthetician. After going out on her own in private practice, she started custom-mixing ingredients to match her clients' needs, and they started asking to buy her homemade products. That process drove her to create Leahlani Skincare, which she describes as using "vibrant botanicals & clays, tropical fruits & nectars. Made in intimate batches on Kaua'i."

This is Leahlani's "Mermaid Mask," which is made with tropical ylang ylang, white lotus, lavender, coriander, Hawaiian nectar & spirulina, rose, sea buckthorn, algae and sea clays.

See more about Leahlani via the links below to the website and Instagram.

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