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Elizabeth Taylor Look-Alike by Lisa Eldridge

Laura is an actress and served as a makeup model for this how-to video by internationally-renowned makeup artist Lisa Eldridge. Can you believe that is the same person in both pictures? Lisa starts off her tutorial (first link below) telling a wonderful story about how close she came to doing Elizabeth Taylor's makeup in the 1990's.

Lisa lists all of the makeup she uses with each step throughout the video, explaining why and how she applies each. She also provides some great context for how makeup trends have changed from the 1950's through today. Lisa has a lovely, warm, approachable demeanor. 

See how Lisa transformed Laura into Liz Taylor via the video below (first link). For more amazing work by Lisa, see her Instagram and website via the 2nd and 3rd links below.

See more before & after pairs by Lisa that she did with Alexa Chung and Rosie Huntington Whitely via the 4th and 5th links.


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