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Painted Baseball Pumpkin by Life in Left Field

Megan runs the great blog, "Life in Left Field." In this post, she shares a tutorial for creating this DIY baseball pumpkin. Supplies needed are listsed here, but please see the first link below to her blog post and the second link to her Instagram account.

  • White pumpkin
  • Thin detail paintbrush
  • 1/4″ paintbrush
  • Acrylic Paint: White, Black, Burnt Umber, and Bright Red. Kings’s Gold (optional)
  • Disposable cup of water for paint
  • Small disposable plate to mix paint
  • Scratch paper to practice
  • Pencil or Pen to trace line on pumpkin
Screen shot 2014 06 26 at 3.16.52 pm by: Rudolph 10/30/17
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