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Ikea Kallax
Everygirl ikea expedit shelf bar styling
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Fully-functional bar
Ikea's Kallax As a Bar by The Everygirl

If you are like us, you are short on space at home. So, when you need to entertain (e.g., host Thanksgiving for 20), you may be feeling somewhat desperate for any advantage, or dare we say "hack" that you can muster. Enter the Ikea Kallax line of afforable and versatile furniture. The clever team at The Everygirl repurposed this bookshelf for a bar, and we think it looks pretty great (see first link below). 

For $34.99 you can pick up this 30 3/8x30 3/8 " little number and NOT put books in it. Sub in wine, liquor, glasses and other bar paraphernalia. Of note, they added some stylish black and gold legs to the Kallax from Pretty Pegs.

See more photos and the full how-to from The EveryGirl via the first link below. The second link is to the Kallax product page on and the last link is to the product page for Pretty Pegs.

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