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Eagles Fan in California

My son has been an Eagles fan since he could walk. You might wonder how a boy from Northern Calfornia became an Eagles fan. As it turns out, his dad went to college on the east coast and befriended a group of guys who were from Philadelphia, Delaware, and New Jersey. Those "uncles" influenced our son to love the Eagles. In the before picture, he was three years old, and my dad had just bought him this Eagles uniform. He wore it constantly in those days. The knees got holes, the stains became bleach-proof, but he loved it anyway. He waited a long time for the Eagles to win their first Super Bowl, but when they finally did in February 2018, he could not have been happier.

Fly, Eagles, Fly!

Screen shot 2014 06 26 at 3.16.52 pm by: Rudolph 2/5/18
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