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dried butterfly pea flowers
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Mardi Gras cocktail
Carnival Colada by Arnaud's NOLA

Arnaud's is a 100-year-old food & drink icon sevring "classic cajun cuisine in the heart of the French Quarter" in New Orleans, Louisiana.

This is their limited edition "Carnival Colada" Mardi Gras cocktail, made with Butterfly pea cachaca (dried flowers / extract that tint drinks and food blue or purple), gold rum, lime juice & spiced cream of coconut.

See more about Arnaud's and the French 75 Bar (inside the restaurant) via the links below to the website and Instagram. The 3rd link is to another visually-stunning before & after pair from Arnaud's and French 75.

NB: the before photo comes from a maker of dried butterfly pea flowers, Wild Hibiscus Flower Company (see more via the last link).

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