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inside the Ateliers
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Emma at the Oscars
Emma Stone's Custom Oscars Tuxedo by Louis Vuitton

I love a custom tuxedo on a woman, especially one with color and softness. Armani used to be the king of the Oscars women's suit. Ralph Lauren has done it too. So has Gucci. This year, Louis Vuitton came through for Emma Stone, and it was gorgeous! That elegant shade of red with a pink sash looked so elegant on her. And the jacket paired with tight-fitting black pants and simple but drop-dead black heels. Yes! Her hair and makeup were amazing too (see that before & after via the first link below).

See more of the behind the scenes at the Lous Vuitton Ateliers via the second link.

Link 3 is to Ms. Stone's talented stylist, Petra Flannery's Instagram account

Link 4 is to her hair stylist, Mara Roszak's Instagram account.

Link 5 is to her makeup artist, Rachel Goodwin's Instagram account.


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