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bright yellow hop glands
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single origin
Sonoma "Single Origin" Ale by Mad Fritz Brewing

St Helena, CA-based Mad Fritz Brewery had a crazy idea - make single origin beer and base it in the heart of the wine country in northern California.

This is their Sonoma Ale, which is like a Pale Ale (6.0% v/v Alc.). "We always age our beer in barrels thus the impact can be subtle to overt depending on the beer, the barrel and how we are feeling about it!  As the name implies 100% of the ingredients are Sonoma County sourced, the water (Fisher winery-Sonoma Side), Hops -Cascade Hops (Capricopia-Occidental/Green Valley of Russian River), Pinnicle 2 Row Barley (Healdsburg-Grown and Malted at our malt house next door to brewery) and well the yeast for this was actually a Kolsch Style to add a little more push to the raw materials."

According to Mad Fritz, "a good sign of fresh hops are bright yellow hop glands," (see "before" photo).   "Our local hop growers in Sonoma, Napa and Lake County have some unique varieties that make it into our 'Origin Beers'.

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