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Full Pint barley
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The Crow and the Water Dry Stout by Mad Fritz Brewing

St Helena, CA-based Mad Fritz Brewery had an idea - make single origin beer and base it in the heart of the wine country in northern California.

This is their Dry Stout called, "The Crow and the Water," which has a wonderful fable / story on the label beyond the story of how it is crafted. The story reads as follows:

"A thirsty crow spies a vessel with some water although is unable to reach the contents. Instead of using force to push it over and lose the water he places stones in the vessel until the water rises to his access.

Using intellect often prevails over strength."


And how it's made: "The Irish Dry Stout has an amazing history of evolution and some of my favorite beer styles have evolved from it over the last century.  The idea was always with me to craft a distinct approach to this style and a when a fellow beer enthusiast, Jim Daley, pushed me over the edge...well it wasn't hard! The grain bill is all Full Pint grown in Madras OR and malted on the Estate there, blended with a pinch of Colorado's wheat malt along with roasted barley as well as some black malt to broaden the roast tonalities.  After a quick fermentation from 10 plato our goal is to age this beer in freshly emptied Cabernet Sauvignon barrels for a short period (3-4 weeks).  This adds a subtle vinous note as well as dropping the pH or increasing the acidity some as some."

See more bef-after (before & after pairs) via the first two links below to their Sonoma Single Origin Ale and The Fool and the Cart IPA.

And see more about Mad Fritz Brewing via their website and Instagram (links 3 and 4 below).

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