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The Fool and the Cart IPA by Mad Fitz Brewing

St Helena, CA-based Mad Fritz Brewery had a crazy idea - make single origin beer and base it in the heart of the wine country in northern California.

This is their Fool and the Cart IPA, which "A beer with a hop profile that could be single hopped, pairs well with the single variety Copeland Malt and handle the impacts of barrel aging. We tossed our old recipes out the window after working with an Heirloom variety of hop called Gargoyle that was resurrected by our local hop grower in Lake County. The grain bill has some crystal malt although is mainly single malt Copeland variety. We bumped the bitterness up and hit the wort hard (w/ hops) at cooling/knockout. After primary the beer was aged in 3rd use Cabernet Barrels for 1 to 2 months. This style of IPA is more old world with spice tones dominating rather than the fruitier styles more commonly found."

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And see more about Mad Fritz Brewing via their website and Instagram (links #3 and #4 below).

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