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Green and Black Tie Dye Shirt by TieDyeSkys

Tie Dye can be hit or miss. It's all about the color combination, saturation and composition. I think this green and black shirt hits the mark. It's got great greens, which are accented by a little black. It would be awesome on St. Patrick's Day too.

Jenn is the Owner, Creator and Designer behind this shirt and all of the creations from TieDyeSkys, based in Greeneville, Tennessee. In her own words, "I just wanted to make a couple shirts, so I bought a kit from Hobbie Lobbie. What came next was a new obsession, Tie Dyeing! If it was white and it was cotton I dyed it. Well dye kits are expensive so I decided to take the leap and made my first order of good professional procion dyes. A couple of years later here I am! Sharing my love of color and tie dye."

See more about TieDyeSkys Etsy shop and Facebook account via the links below.

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