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March 2014
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November 2017
Roseanne Solway Gets Fit w/ BBG

Australian fitness fan, Roseanne Solway, has bravely shared photos and stories about her efforts to train her body, through work stress, travel and life changes, with her friends and Instagram fans. Over the past year or so, Roseanne has done several rounds of Kayla Itsines "BBG" (Bikini Body Guide). We think she looks stronger, but the thing that shines through in Roseanne's posts since incorporating BBG into her routine is her positive, grateful attitude. Great work, Roseanne! We could have chosen any number of stunning close up bikini shots of her, but we thought this happy one, with her on her skateboard with her dog summed up her progress so well.

Have you trained for a race or competition and want to share your progress? Have you gotten in shape, slimmed down or built muscle? Kindly share your story with a before & after here on SnapTwice. Just create a free account and click "add a new pair." It's free and fun! Roseanne's story has been seen by hundreds of people on social media and health & fitness sites and message boards. You, too, could be an inspiration to people getting healthy right now.

See more BBG before & after pairs via the links below, as well as more about Roseanne (her Instagram). We have also included links to Kayla Itsines and BBG below.

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