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Nov 2017
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Jan 2018
Kristin Cavallari Hair by Justin Anderson

A new season triggers thoughts of changing up your routine and your look. With Spring here (March 20, 2018), going a little lighter with our hair sounds appealing.

This is Kristin Cavallari, reality TV personality and owner of a jewelry line, called Uncommon James. She's even written a cookbook! In November 2017, her highlights are very blonde, but still layered. In January, Justin went more platinum. We like both looks on Kristin.

For more bef-afters (before & after pairs) by Justin Anderson, including of Erin Andrews and model Juliana Herz, see the first two links below. To learn more about Justin's work, see his website and Instagram below. The last link is to Kristin Cavallari's Instagram.

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