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fresh mint
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crystallized & enrobed in chocolate
Crystallized Mint in 85% Cacao & Gold Fleck by Amelia Roper

Amelia Rope is a London-based chocolatier who, since 2007, has been creating beautiful bars, truffles and other confections linke "quarters," chocolate-covered almonds and hazelnuts and seasonal favorites like hearts for Valentine's Day and eggs for Easter. She launched her business after she was inspired by a chocolate course that she had taken at Valrhona.

This is a crystallized mint leaf "dipped in tempered 85% cacao chocolate "and decorated with a fleck of gold leaf." Amelia and her team ethically source single origin cacao from Colombia and sources other ingredients like limes from Peru, cherries from Greece and coconunt from Sri Lanka.

See more bef-afters of Amelia Rope below, along with links to the company website and Instagram.

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