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Coconut PB & Mango (Papaya) Sandwich by Island Vintage Coffee

Whenever our family gets the chance to visit Hawaii, we love to make a daily stop, if we can, at Island Vintage Coffee. In addition to having Kona coffee, Peaberry coffee and luscious macademia nut and coconut milk for cappuccinos and lattes, they also have a full menu of beautiful fruit, fruit bowls, acai bowls, rice bowls, sandwiches, shave ice, and smoothies.

This is their "Fresh Mango (Papaya) & Peanut Butter Breakfast Sandwich," which is made with coconut peanut butter from the North Shore of Oahu, your choice of fresh mango or papaya, and "raw, white, organic Hawaiian honey on cranberry walnut bread."

See more bef-afters from Island Vintage Coffee below, as well as their website and Instagram.

NB: the "after" photo was taken by Instagram user Mama Kato (aka "MamaChubHubs," see last link below).

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