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Pineapple Cocktail by Hualalai

The Four Seasons Hualalai is one of the most excellent resorts in Hawaii. It's location on the Big Island's sunny Kohala Coast is not only attractive to tourists, but also to sea turtles who want to sun on the beach and bury themselves in the sand.

The hospitality, food and drink at the Hualalai are exceptional too, as you might expect. The resort is frequently host to visiting chefs, culinary events and competitions and all kinds of reasons to celebrate local, fresh, organic Hawaiian ingredients and cuisine.

Case in point - these resort-grown pineapples, that the poolside bar turned into a "Farm-to-Table cocktail" by grilling the pineapples and pairing them with mint, lime and tequila. Delicious! As they say in Hawaii, "Pa'u Hana!" (done with work, it's relaxing time).

See more from the Hualalai via the links below to more bef-afters, their website and Instagram.

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