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prior to landscaping
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Carmel Valley Landscaping by Bernard Trainor & Associates

This family home in Carmel Valley, California includes "a boule court set in an olive grove, a wine cellar garden, and a gravel driveway leading into an auto court that doubles as a serene garden space filled with olives, lavenders, rosemary, urns, and a water feature."

Bernard Trainor + Associates, the Landscape Architecture firm that designed and executed the grounds nicknamed this project "Boule" for the boule court.

The team's design emphasized terraces and sitting areas to serve as extensions of the house. Throughout the property, "Californian grassland has been restored to create a dynamic carpet field of grasses and wildflowers below the large olives," taking into account the lovely views and opportunities for outdoor family dinners.

To see more photos from this project, see the first link below to the Bernard Trainor & Associates website. The second link is to their Instagram.

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