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Bathroom by Jungalow

Los Angeles-based Justina Blakeney is the creative genius behind the successful home design and lifestyle brand, Jungalow, which is best known for the heavy use of lush, green plants and vibrant, colorful tiles.

In this post, she shares her home's bathroom remodel. It's a small space, but they were able to flip a few things around and completely reimagine the space, so it not only was more stylish and green, but feels larger too (see the 3rd link for more backstory and many more great before & after photos). The tiles from Fireclay and sink from Kohler are bold and amazing.

For more bef-afters from Jungalow, see the first and second links below. The first is to a DIY cement tile planter project from Jungalow, which is a great follow up to any bathroom or kitchen remodels, where leftover tiles are not uncommmon. The second is to a beautiful, simple recipe from Justina for watermelon agua fresca. The last link is to the Jungalow Instagram account.

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