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making pita bread
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dips for days
Pita, Hummus & Farm Cheese by Bavel Restaurant

Downtown Los Angeles-based Bavel is a Middle Eastern restaurant which opened in 2018. It was founded by Chefs Ori Menashe and Genevieve Gergis, who draw on their "family roots in Israel, Morocco, Turkey, and Egypt."

This is their housemade pita bread featured prominently with (a) their hummus, made from a "creamy & chunky garbanzo bean puree, green & red chili paste," (b) their farm cheese, which is "fig leaf & borage flower za'atar, olive oil, sea salt, (served with) buckwheat loaf," and (c) we *think their eggplant escabeche, which is "pomegranate molasses, burnt eggplant puree, mint, (served with) fried pita."

See more from Bavel via the links below to their website and Instagram.

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