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Cheesy Buns by Blondie + Rye

"Hannah P" is the force behind Blondie + Rye, a wonderful Instagram account dedicated to baking. She makes gorgeous sourdough bread, as well as challah, pretzels and more. These are Sunday Buns, which as she describes in one of her IG posts, she made with "20% spelt, 10% einkhorn with olive oil and a splash of honey in the dough, which was roughly 60% hydration... (She) smooshed one of three combinations into the center: pimento cheese with extra red peppers and cheddar, artichoke hearts with cream cheese and mozzarella, and Vidalia onions with both cheddar and mozzarella."

See more Bef-Afters by Blondie + Rye via the first two links below, and her Instagram account via the third link.

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