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van Gogh-gurt
Starr Night Smoothie Bowl by Naturally Jo

Jose (aka IG is a 17-year-old vegan foodie artist with more than 1 million (!) Instagram followers. She creates colorful and whimsical smoothie bowls, pies, donuts, cakes and more.

This is a smoothie bowl that Jose decorated to look like Vincent van Gogh's famous "Starry Night." We can't tell what kind of yogurt she used, but our best guess is coconut yogurt. In some of her other posts, she shares some behind the scenes hints about the ingredients and tools she uses to achieve certain colors (e.g., matcha powder for green, spirulina for blue, charcoal for black). This scene is a but of mystery, but given the subject, we're ok with that. :-)

See two more gorgeous smoothie bowls via the first two links below. And see the short Instagram video of Jose creating this Starry Night smoothie bowl via the last link below.

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