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crime fighting
Batman by JIMMY

The bartenders at JIMMY make a pineapple mojito that is very popular. But when they added activated charcoal to their pineapple mojito, they named it Batman, and Ka-Pow!  does it look awesome.

Have you tried activated charcoal yet? To whiten your teeth? To scrub on your skin? How about mixed with water (or rum) and to drink? It's pretty much tasteless, but sure makes your cocktails look killer - especially if you're thinking of mixing up some black-as-your-soul beverages for Halloween.

JIMMY is a rooftop bar located 18 stories up at the top of The James Hotel in Soho. It is open year-round and offers guests incredible views of Midtown, Wall Street and more.

See another charcoal beverage Bef-After via the first link below (this time with tequila and mezcal).

See more about JIMMY via links 2 and 3 to the website and Instagram.

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