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Inexpensive Mystique (X-Men) Makeup by Promise Tamang

Promise Tamang (aka "The Human Chamelon") is an amazingly-talented makeup artist with a huge Instagram and YouTube following.

This Mystique (X-men) tutorial is very cool, especially because Promise was so successful at recreating the scales on her face, and because the products she used are inexpensive and widely available at stores like Party City. The products she used are listed here and under her video on YouTube (see 3rd link below).


  • A Blue creme face paint from Party city, only $3. It's not the best paint but gets the work done !
  • Scales: Flesh Latex from Party city, $4. You can use prosthetics for more professional use or use thick glues !
  • Black Eyeshadow: Nars 'Night Flight '
  • Creme Eyeshadow for the Scales:  Fantasy Makers, $5' Show Stopper '
  • Red Hair Color: Party city, $3  Temporary Hair Spray 

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For the how-to video from Promise, see the 3rd link.

And for Promise's IG, see the last link.

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