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Darla from Finding Nemo Makeup by Promise Tamang

Promise Tamang (aka "The Human Chamelon") is an amazingly-talented makeup artist with a huge Instagram and YouTube following.

This Darla (from the movie Finding Nemo) tutorial is very cool. This time it's not Promise making over herself, but her little sister Rose! We think Rose should tremendous patience being transformed into scary little Darla, as you will see in the 5 1/2 min video. Also of note is that - even though Rose already has braces - the amazing and clever recreation of Darla's braces and head gear are an optical illusion that will have you rewatching, rewinding and watching again! The products Promise used are listed here and in the description under her video on YouTube (see 4th link below).

Products Promise Used on Rose: 

  • Clinique Beyond Perfect Foundation 
  • BH Cosmetics Foundation
  • Too Faced born this way Concealer 
  • Too Faced Setting powder
  • Wolfe Fx Hydrocolor Paints
  • Dose of Colors Matte Cream
  • Urban Decay Heat Palette
  • Makeup Forever White Liner 
  • Nyx Brown Liner 
  • Model Co Blush 
  • Makeup Geek Iconic Lipstick
  • Head Gear: Used Dollar Store Glass Jar Lid 
  • Wig: Amazon
  • Sweater: Target ( Rock and Roll logo glued on it)

For another Bef-After by Promise, see the first link below, and for more kid-friendly Halloween idea Bef-Afters (including another one where a makeup artist transforms his kid sister), see links 2 and 3.

For the how-to video on Darla, see the 4th link to Promise's YouTube channel.

And for Promise's IG, see the last link.

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