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Anaïs w/ pink eyes
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Cheeky Rabbit
White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland by Anaïs Marion

This video is off the chain.  Anaïs Marion is an amazingly talented and creative French makeup artist (especially the horror genre). For this White Rabbit look, she created a prosthetic rabbit nose, whiskers, used pink contact lenses, and even made her own rabbit ears (separate how-to video on those). She also ... wait for it ... painted on her outfit using body paint. Of note, the entire video is Anaïs narrating en francais (in French), but even if you don't speak the language, you will get a solid idea of what she is doing. She is tres manifique!

See more Alice in Wonderland Halloween makeup / hair Bef-Afters via the first two links below. To see this tutorial, see the 3rd link. And to see Anaïs Marion's IG feed, see the last link (warning: most of her IG posts are of frighteningly realistic horror looks).

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