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Carmen in the kitchen
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Churros by Espita Mezcaleria

These house-made churros are served with candied kumquat, dulce de leche, caramelized hazelnuts, espresso & sour cream ice creams, spiced orange chocolate sauce on the side. 

Washington DC-based Espita Mezcaleria is a restaurant that touts it's Southern Mexican food as "authentic, not traditional." Led by Chef Rob Aikens and Beverage Director Megan Barnes, Espita Mezcaleria is bringing Oaxacan-inspired cuisine to the Mid-Atlantic United States, leveraging locally and ethically sourced ingredients.

See another bef-after by Espita Mezcaleria via the first link below. Another churro bef-after is link 2. And the website and IG for Espita Mezcaleria are links 3 and 4. Of note the IG link will take you to the movie video of Carmen rolling the churros in the kitchen - fun!

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