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pink gin
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Hoxton Clover Club by Hoxton Spirits

London-based Hoxton Spirits makes gin and pink gin, made from ethically-sourced ingredients. Their Hoxton Pink is made from "rosehip and gunpowder" - ha! It is indeed "premium gin with attitude." Check out this amped-up pink drink recipe from Hoxton, called the Hoxton Clover Club.


• 50ml Hoxton Pink⠀

• 1 Whole Egg White ⠀

• 10ml Grenadine ⠀

• 6 Fresh Raspberries ⠀

• Ice. Shake Vigorously ⠀

• Garnish Pineapple Wedge ⠀

See more pink cocktail bef-afters via the first two links. See a link to this cocktail on IG via the 3rd link and the last link is to the Hoxton Spirits website.

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