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fresh & inviting
Simpsons Fish & Chips by Shadowplay Design

Shadowplay Design helped Simpsons Fish & Chips' shop in Stroud (UK) not only to freshen up and be more modern and inviting, but to increase seating capacity from 40 to 64. That was important, because the popular restaurant had recently been awarded UK’s no.1 Fish and Chip Shop, and owners Bonny and James needed all the extra space they could get.

Simpsons is unique in its sourcing of fresh fish, offering gluten free and vegan menu options, and not adding salt or MSG to their batter. Shadowplay is unique in their full, all-in support of their clients, especially small retail clients like Simpsons.

See more restaurant design bef-afters via the first two links below. And see more about the project, Shadowplay Design and Simpsons Fosh & Chips via lnks 3-4 below.

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