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Ecuadoran Flower Farm
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Orange Ranunculus & Kale "Campfire" Bouquet by The Bouqs Co.

Since 2012, The Bouqs Company has been working with eco-friendly, sustainable farms all over the world to source farm-fresh flowers for their beautiful bouquets.

We love orange, and we love unexpected arrangements for holiday tables. So this "Campfire" bouquet with orange ranunculus and kale looked perfect for Thanksgiving. We loved learning about the farm in Ecuador from which The Bouqs sources its ranunculus. David Nilson runs the farm, and through a wonderful, short video on the Bouqs site, which David narrates (see link 3 below), we were tickled to learn that ranunculus comes from the Latin word for "frog" and that the flower typically used to grow in and around swamps. David and his team grow many color of ranunculus, but we love these orange ones.

See more floral bef-afters via the first two links below, and see more about the Bouqs, this Farm and this Campfire bouquet via the last two links to the Bouqs website and Instagram.

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