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Clear as Mud by Highland Avenue & Muddy River Distillery

We love it when small, local businesses partner up. This cocktail is a great example that comes from North Carolina.

In 2011, Robbie and Caroline Delaney, the founders of Muddy River Distillery, opened North Carolina's first rum distillery near the “muddy” Catawba River in Belmont (not far from Charlotte). Today, they operate their company within a 6,000 sq ft space inside an old textile mill, which includes 3 stills, named Liberty, Democracy and Independence.

About an hour north of Muddy River is Hickory, NC where Highland Avenue restaurant is located. Highland Avenue is a farm-to-table enterprise that also sits in a former mill. The spot is known for its "trout, oysters and shrimp; homemade pastas and breads; flatbread, chicken pot pie, and filet mignon." Their drinks look pretty too.

This is their "Clear As Mud cocktail," which contains Muddy River Distillery Spiced Rum, Carriage House Apple Brandy, Ginger Beer, and Apple Cider.

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