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immediately after pull-up day
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several days later
Crossfit Blister Repair by Frejaa Body Balm

I gave myself some epic blisters at CrossFit on a heavy pull-up day in November. Usually, if I have blisters, I have to endure at least 24 or 48 hours of stinging pain, making showers, hand washing and doing almost anything a real ... well, pain. But this time, I had Frejaa Body Balm with me, which I got originally for muscle pain (shoulders, neck). However, I thought I would try it on the blisters, so I washed my hands and used a tiny bit of Frejaa, and I felt pain relief within minutes. The stinging went away and the redness also abated quickly. A few days later my hands were ready to do pull-ups again. I did not need to re-apply Frejaa for the following days either.

Frejaa Body Balm is a great-smelling topical combination of coconut, jojoba oil, vitamin E, Bulgarian Rose and Cannabidiol (CBD) from industrial hemp. While hemp is in the cannabis family (and therefore a relative of marijuana), it is legal, and CBD is a natural derivative of hemp that is known for it's anti-inflammation benefits, including pain relief and reduced redness.

See another CrossFit bef-after via the first link below and another CBD bef-after via link 2. See more about Frejaa via links 3 and 4 below to the website and Instagram.

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