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Pedicure in Rosa Brunello Vacchetta ATP Atelier Sandals

For Christmas, my sister and mom got me the prettiest leather sandals in 2 colors (yes, two!) - burgundy (or "Brunello") and a matte blue by ATP (All Tomorrow’s Parties) Atelier. They're called "Rosa Vacchetta," they're handmade in Italy, and they come in a variety of colors from white and black to pink and gold and of course burgundy and blue.

My nails were not in ship-shape to wear these chic shoes. So I high-tailed it to my local nail salon to get myself sorted. The nail color is “Dulce de Lèche” by OPI, which I thought was a nice pinky neutral that would work with these sandals or my new blue ones.

See more nail and leather sandal bef-afters via links 1 and 2. And see more about ATP and OPI via links 3 and 4.

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