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Joey Maalouf as Nicki Minaj

Joey Maalouf is a hilarious and talented makeup artist and hair stylist, and most of his clients are well-known celebrities and models. He is also co-founder of "The Glam App," the service that brings a glam squad to your house, if you need a blowout, your makeup done,  a mani/pedi - whatever! We loved watching him interacting with Rachel Zoe on her show, and we cannot get enough of his warm, beautiful smile and the sincere adoration between he and good friend, Hillary Kerr (who is also an amazing business person - she's the Co-Founder of WhoWhatWear, MyDomaine AND ByrdieBeauty!)

It turns out his brother, Elie Maalouf, also is a gifted makeup artist. Elie is the one who transformed Joey into Nicki for Halloween in 2017! (See the super fast super bass transformation video on Joey's Instagram feed via the 3rd link below.)

See more celebrity makeup bef-afters via links 1 and 2. And see Elie's IG account via the last link.

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