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early growth
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full bloom
Ranunculus by Fivefork Farms

Upton, Massachusetts-based Fivefork Farms grows, arranges and sells beautiful flowers, like dahlias, ranunculus, anemonies, hyacinth, tulips. Fivefork Farms is a partnership among five siblings and sits on "38 acres of rolling fields and woodlands ... along the Blackstone River Valley."  The land where FFF sits was "once farmed by four generations of the Eli Whitney family."

These ranunculus are just stunning - so feminine and multi-layered, similar to peonies, which we also adore. We love how FFF (a) takes fans behind the scenes in their Instagram feed to show howl the flowers get their start as sprouts and seedlings and (2) arranged the full-grown stems to compose a beautiful photo - from that pale, lime green on the lower left through the pinks in the middle and out to the apricot orange on the right. Beautiful!

See another Bef-After from Five Fork Farms via the first link and another ranunculus bef-after via the second link. See the FFF Instagram and website via links 3 and 4.

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