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Kate, Scarlet & baby doll
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Illustration by Paris Daly
Kate Weilz in Lovekini Beachwear

Kate Weilz is a lifestyle blogger with a big Instagram following, a mother of 3 and a happy wife, as well as a frequent traveler. In the "before" photo, she is on vacation with her family in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, where she and her daughter, Scarlet, are wearing matching "Odette" bathing suits by Lovekini Beachware. We think Lovekini's "mommy & me" swimsuits are gorgeous as well as adorable. This design is white with rose pink flowers all down the back and across the neckline. Lovekini has many more color and design combinations though, most of which match with little girl sizes too.

The "after" illustration was inspired by Kate, Scarlet & baby doll's photo and was created by Dublin, Ireland-based artist, Paris Daly. We think it is so sweet how she captured the moment in art form!

See another bathing suit bef-after via the first link below, and see more about Kate, Lovekini and Paris Daly via links 2,3 and 4 to their respective Instagram accounts.

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