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Portobello Road Gin
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Cool blue
"Cool Ya Jets" Cocktail by The Lucky Liquor Co

The Lucky Liquor Co. is a beloved cocktail bar based in Edingburgh, Scotland. Since they opened they've employed the following approach to their menu: "select thirteen bottles, create a menu with thirteen drinks, and run it for thirteen weeks." This cocktail, "Cool Ya Jets" came from their May 2018 menu.

This gorgeous blue cocktail is made with coconut-washed Portobello Road Gin, Lucky Liquor Co coconut Liqueur, lime, Mint, Cucumber Cordial, Garlic Soda. (wait, garlic soda?? Yes.)

Portobello Road Gin is a Notting Hill-neighborhood of London-based dry gin company.

See another gin bef-after via the first link below, and see more from Lucky Liquor Co and Portobello Road Gin via links 2, 3 and 4.

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