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Wellness Wednesday Flowers & Kombucha

We love the soft, tropical scent of tuberose and the color of pale green hydrangeas. We also enjoy kombucha, especially the Guava Goddess flavor by GTS. It turns out, in the early Spring time (March), we can get all 3 at our local grocery store (Safeway) at an affordable price. Often, a single stem of tuberose can cost $5, but this bunch of 4 stems cost only $9. The hydrangeas were a little less at $8. And the large bottle of kombucha (48 oz) was $8 too.

When Wellness Wednesday rolls around, we're all about self care. A good workout, some healthy, vegetarian-heavy meals are key. And to really bliss out our office and homes, we love the addition of a nice, simple bouquet and some kombucha. Cheers to wellness!

See another juice/kombucha bef-after via link 1, and another tropical bouquet bef-after via link 2. See more about the kombucha flavors from GTS via the last link.

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