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rolled & cold
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hot & sweet
Brioche Cinnamon Rolls by Tatte Bakery

These cinnamon rolls are made all the more special because they're made with brioche bread, and Tatte Bakery serves them with and without frosting - your choice.

Massachussets-based Tatte Bakery has 3 locations in Boston, Cambridge and Brookline, and it makes a huge range of baked goods, from the sweet (cakes, pies, tartes, cookies, brownies, meringues) to the savory (breads like baguettes, epis, focaccia, ciabatta, sourdough). They also give bread making classes and even will send students home with their sourdough starter (!) 

Tatte was founded by self-taught pastry chef, Tzurit Or, who started the bakery and cafe in 2007, "baking 20 hours a day in her home kitchen and selling her delicious creations to Boston farmers’ markets. After only one summer, Tatte expanded to its first brick-and-mortar bakery in Brookline, Massachusetts."

See more Bef-Afters from Tatte as well as a link to their Instagram account via the links below.

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