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Rainbow Jar of Olive Oil by Frantoio Muraglia

Based in Puglia, Italy (the heel of Italy's boot in the south), Frantoio Muraglia has been making extra virgin olive oil for 5 generations.

In addition the oil itself, the company prides itself on hand-making and painting gorgeous terracotta vessels for the oil. The result is an actual rainbow of choices - from stripes like these to polka dots and whimsical sea creatures (octopus, sardine, tentacles). The colors and fun are delightful, and the olive oil makes for an ideal gift. Bonus - once you use up the jar, you can either refill it or use it as a bud vase.

See another bef-after from Frantoio Muraglia and another small batch ceramics maker via links 1 and 3 below. See links 3 and 4 for the company website and Instagram respectively.

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