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Red Velvet Cupcakes w/ Cream Cheese Frosting by Red Velvet NYC

We made these just after Valentine’s Day and - wow - were they popular! Two sisters, Agathe & Arielle run Red Velvet NYC, and we so appreciate the cute kits and helpful instructions they provide to make baking and frosting easy. A few notable and special things we appreciated about this kit:

  • they provide the firm and cute paper cupcake containers, which make even distribution of batter easier and presentation much more posh (the small white sprinkles also added to the polished look!)
  • the baking soda / vinegar fizzy "science experiment" step is fun for kids and adults!
  • the piping bag and great instructions helped make frosting these little sweeties much easier - especially for those of us who are ... ah, hem, challenged in the how-to-frost-a-cupcake department

See another Bef-After by Red Velvet NYC via link 1, another sweet pink cupcake treat bef-after via link 2. And find links to Red Velvet's website and Instagram via links 3 and 4.

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