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Tiramisù by Sweetaly Dolceria

Quick story - Some kids from Rome, Italy grow up wandering the ancient city streets, tasting amazing, local desserts, including handmade tiramisù (Italian for "pick me up"). They grow up and magically reconnect in southern California. Through friendship and a love for childhood desserts, they create Sweetaly Dolceria. The rest is history and your tummy will thank you.

This is Sweetaly's flagship product made the traditional way - "by soaking ladyfinger biscuits into coffee that is freshly brewed from a moka coffee pot. This gives our tiramisù that classic Italian coffee taste that you cannot get using conventional dried coffee. Layered with Italian mascarpone cheese filling and topped with chocolate shavings."

The dolceria also makes chocolate mousse, panna cotta, various flavors of cheesecake and key lime ginger pie.

See another mascarpone treat bef-after via link 1 and an Italian ice bef-after via link 2. See more about Sweet Italy Dolceria via links 3 and 4 to their IG and website.

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