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Built in Mohawk Valley, NY
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Restored in Glen Rose, TX
Ripley Dutch Barn

Originally built around 1760 in the Mohawk Valley of New York State, this is what the team at Heritage Barns calls a "New World Dutch Barn," as the design comes from 11th century Holland and was brought to the US colonies in the 1600’s by Dutch settlers. In those days New York was known as New Netherlands. The large lumber available to these settlers in the untouched forrests of the New World enabled them to build much bigger structures than in Europe. According to Heritage Barns, the firm that restored this structure, "New World Dutch barns are now considered the finest barns ever built. (Further) these barns typically held milk cows, oxen, horses, sheep and chickens. In them the entire winter supply of grain: barley, wheat, rye, oats and corn, aside from large quantities of hay and straw, found safe storage." Read more about this barn on the Heritage Barns website (link below).

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